FKI Logistex introduces NetLok Secure Remote Access System for supply-chain data security

FKI Logistex, a leader in integrated material-handling solutions, has released NetLok, a secure information infrastructure for remote connectivity. NetLok features a closed-loop login procedure with a restricted login provision, allowing secure, one-time access to the network by authorized technical support staff. With reliable 24/7 diagnostics availability, FKI Logistex technical support staff can log in remotely to troubleshoot, identify and respond immediately to the problem with the appropriate solution. NetLok proactively detects connectivity problems, reducing potential lapses in diagnostics. The system can also automatically track, record and archive an audit of remote network access. 
NetLok supports multiple industry-standard connection types, centering around a virtual private network (VPN), and can handle PLC or PC systems from the same connection, allowing several sites to be managed without the need for resident connectivity applications. Using a pool of dedicated network resources, and with built-in redundancy provided by a secure mirror site, NetLok provides speeds that are up to 120 times faster than traditional modem connections.
Featuring a common user interface, NetLok provides network access without the need for special clients. Existing FKI Logistex customers can easily upgrade their legacy systems to NetLok to gain the benefits of a secure and reliable remote connectivity package. More than 200 of FKI Logistex customer sites worldwide are currently accessible via NetLok, and over 100 of those are in North America alone.

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