FabEnCo’s XL Self-Closing Safety Gate offers more vertical coverage for fall protection

FabEnCo Self-Closing Safety Gates are adjustable swinging gates for fall protection as required by OSHA at unprotected openings on ladders, platforms, stairs, catwalks, mezzanines and machine guarding. FabEnCo’s family of safety gates includes the A Series (the original double bar gate), the XL Series (for extended vertical coverage) and the R Series, (a metal alternative to replace old “plastic” gates). Gates may be ordered in galvanized steel (Safety Yellow optional), aluminum and stainless steel, and quantity discounts are available.

Easy to install on all types of handrails (angle, flatbar, pipe) or to existing walls, FabEnCo Self-Closing Safety Gates save companies the time and money it takes to fabricate their own gates. There’s no cutting, welding or drilling necessary, and installation usually takes less than 15 minutes using simple hand tools. Shipped directly from FabEnCo’s manufacturing facilities in Houston, Texas, safety gates arrive with all the necessary mounting hardware, including J-bolts for mounting to angle posts, as well as U-bolts for mounting to a pipe posts. Easy-to-follow mounting tips are included with each gate.

FabEnCo Self-Closing Safety Gates can be mounted on either the left or the right side of handrail openings, at different levels. Once the stop bolts have been adjusted, each safety gate’s reliable stainless steel spring automatically closes the gate to the customizable stop point set on the gate, up to a 90° angle.

Gates can be ordered in standard sizes to fit clear openings from 17 in. to 39.5 in. To protect openings up to 6 ft., simply mount gates on both the right and left rail in a one-way “saloon door” configuration.

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