Lincoln Electric's Pipeliner NR-208P flux-cored wire is designed for the demands of the global pipe welding industry

Lincoln Electric introduces the Pipeliner NR-208P, a self-shielded and flux-cored wire (FCAW-S), to its line of Pipeliner consumables. Designed for the rigorous demands of the global pipe welding industry, the wire provides performance with high deposition rates, allowing it to carry and deposit weld metal with ease, even for vertical down pipe and out-of-position welding applications.

The Pipeliner NR-208P provides the portability of stick electrode and the productivity of a wire, ideal for overcoming the typical challenges of pipeline welding, such as remote locations and extreme weather conditions. These consumables can handle up to X80 grade pipe and are recommended for hot, fill and cap-pass welding procedures.

The wire has been tested and has the capability of handling the low-temperature, impact-toughness requirements of cross-country pipe welding applications. Each lot of Pipeliner NR-208P consumables are tested to exceed -20°C. For ensured performance, reliability and consistent results, all Pipeliner NR-208P wires are hermetically sealed with Lincoln Electric’s Pro-Tech packaging systems in airtight containers.

All Pipeliner NR-208P consumables are manufactured and certified according to lot control standards, per AWS A5.29 Class T1 Schedule I.

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