CAT's Model 1810 triplex positive displacement pump delivers a flow of 3 gpm at 10,000 psi

The Model 1810 10,000 PSI triplex pump delivers a smooth, low pulsation flow of 3 gpm at 10,000 psi. The 1810 triplex positive displacement pump features a low unswept volume (minimal un-evacuated liquid remains in the pumping chamber) resulting in maximum volumetric efficiency. The 1810 triplex positive displacement pump has a compact footprint for both portable and stationary installation. The Model 1810 plunger pump features a stainless steel block-style manifold for strength and durability. Optional rupture disc, regulating relief valve and pressure gauge also are available.

Applications include:

  • Hydrostatic testing
  • Chemical injection
  • Surface prep-tube cleaning
  • High pressure tooling
  • BOP-Blow Off Preventer
  • Railroad undercarriage and tank car cleaning
  • Oilfield paraffin and crude residue washdown
  • Marine barnacle-growth-paint removal
  • Sewer drain blasting
  • Heavy equipment cleaning
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