SMP Data Communications' Cellular Distribution System provides signal to buildings with poor reception

The Cellular Distribution System (CDS) from SMP Data Communications successfully addresses the ever-growing need to eliminate ‘dead zones;’ those areas on subterranean levels or in metal-clad buildings where cell phone users experience weak or nonexistent cell phone signals. The system can be installed in less than one hour and operates independent of cell phone service providers.

Use of CDS is most applicable to areas where some cell phones signals are reaching outside the building. Users must install at least two antennas — one inside the building to distribute the signal throughout the area, and one outside the building to connect with the cell phone service tower that is typically mounted on the roof.

CDS utilizes an SMP Data Communications head-in box. A 50-ohm coaxial cable is installed from the roof antenna directly down to the head-in box. From that one head-in box, users can install up to four antennas throughout the building to extend signal coverage. The system, which can be easily installed over existing cabling, doesn’t boost the signal, but rather connects it to the inside of the building.

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