Tsubaki's mining chains are used in underground, above-ground and preparation plant applications

The Union Chain Division of U.S. Tsubaki Inc. manufactures mining chains that are used in underground, above ground and preparation plant applications. The company currently manufactures several different sizes of mine chains for OEMs. This relationship enables them to design upgrades for the chain in the mining equipment to meet the needs of the industry. The company uses premium-grade steel, heat-treated to precise specifications and assembled with the heavy press-fits required to withstand the punishment of today’s powerful, high-production mining equipment. The company's complete line of mining chains includes: Shuttle Car Chain, Feeder Breaker Chain, Tram Drive Chain, Wash Box Chain, Drop Forged Rivetless Chain and Jig Washer Chain. The company also manufactures made-to-order chains and attachment configurations for your individual requirements.

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