Onset's HOBO U30/ETH provides real-time, remote access to energy and environmental data over any Ethernet network

The HOBO U30/ETH Remote Montoring System is a remote data logging and monitoring device with built-in Ethernet communications that can be reconfigured and adapted to a variety of applications. Up to 15 channels of data can be recorded and monitored remotely via HOBOlink. The HOBOware Pro software can be used to set up analog data channels, communicate with the logger locally and further plot and export data files downloaded from HOBOlink for analysis.

In addition, users can set alarms to trip for specific sensor readings or for overall system conditions, such as when the memory or battery is running low. The HOBO U30/ETH allows users to implement facility-wide, networked monitoring solutions for tracking energy usage, HVAC/R systems performance and green building efficiency. Simply plug in your choice of sensors, connect an Ethernet cable and remotely access and manage HOBO U30 systems distributed throughout the facility. This, in turn, enables users to optimize data collection efficiency while generating long-term, facility-wide energy profiles at lower costs.

Key system features include:

  • Fast, easy set up
  • Instant alarm notifications
  • NEMA 6-rated enclosure
  • Internet access to real-time data
  • All electronics are housed within a double-weatherproof, tamper-proof enclosure
  • Fully-integrated expandable communications
  • Fast data offload via USB
  • Optional analog inputs with sensor excitation
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