StoneL's Axiom AMI96 valve control with on-board diagnostics reduces downtime and maintenance costs

StoneL offers an optional on-board diagnostics system for its Axiom AMI96 discrete valve communication and control device. It interfaces with any AS-I network to predict potential automated valve problems, thereby reducing process downtime and maintenance costs.

The system offers several local and remote diagnostic alerts to warn personnel of any impending trouble with the valve/actuator or the valve communication and control terminal (VCT). Alerts may be triggered by a drop in pneumatic supply pressure below operational levels or when a shorted or opened solenoid circuit is detected. Should the VCT's pneumatic spool or pilot valve become stuck due to air line contamination or others causes, or if the automated valve stalls in mid-stroke due to a jammed valve or actuator, additional alerts are activated. Alerts are automatically cleared as soon as normal operating conditions are restored.

Using the VCT's intelligent communication capabilities, "open” and "closed” settings can be initiated using on-board push buttons or remotely from a control station. Also, the automated valve's location can be confirmed by remotely initiating a "wink” function, which flashes on-board LEDs for clear identification without interrupting valve operation.

The AS-Interface protocol (version 2.1 or greater) allows up to 31 Axiom VCTs to be networked into the control system on a single two-wire cable. Communication bits for position status, control and diagnostics may be mapped into standard DCS or PLC systems. No special software is required.

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