ITT Goulds' VRS vertical rubber-lined cantilever sump pump features interchangeable parts

Plant operators can pump tough slurries with lower maintenance and operating costs using the Model VRS introduced by ITT Goulds Pumps. The Goulds VRS vertical rubber-lined cantilever sump pump offers three features:

  • Interchangeability — VRS liners, impeller and casing halves are all interchangeable with Goulds Model SRL horizontal pumps, resulting in reduced parts inventory and maintenance costs.
  • Field-replaceable elastomer liners — The VRS vertical pump allows for liner replacement without requiring a change of the entire pump casing. Full pump wet end replacement would be two to three times the cost of just replacing liners.
  • High efficiency — The impellers are built with tighter tolerances than other vertical sump pumps, which improve operating efficiency and saves up to 40% in energy costs.

In industrial applications, the heavy slurries are transferred from one process to the next using horizontal slurry pumps. Spills and overflows are collected in sumps and vertical sump pumps are often utilized to move this overflow for reprocessing or disposal. 

The VRS is well-suited for sump services with solids-laden slurries. It is the first pump in the industry to share interchangeable wet end parts with Goulds popular SRL pump. The interchangeable design allows operators to stock only one type of replacement parts, reducing inventories and simplifying pump maintenance throughout the operation.

In addition to interchangeability, the VRS pumps offer field replaceable elastomer liners. Unlike most conventional pump designs that require the entire casing to be replaced upon failure, the cost of the VRS replacement liners is less than one half the cost.

The impellers used in Goulds VRS and SRL pumps feature tighter tolerances than competing vertical sump pumps, lowering energy costs for running the pump by 10% to 20%. The large-diameter, open impellers are also capable of passing large solids and resisting air binding, which furthers the operating life of the pump. The heavy-duty power end and large diameter shaft limits impeller deflection. As a result, the VRS has outperformed competitors in field trials with less vibration, higher reliability and reduced life cycle costs. The cantilever design also eliminates the need for a lower bearing and seal water.

The VRS pumps are available in two-, three-, five- and six-inch diameters with four- and six-foot lengths. The pumps can handle duties with up to 120 feet head, solids up to ¼ inch (six millimeters) and 75 psi (520 kPa) working pressure.

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