Sierra's Air-Trak Model 628S Engine Air Intake Mass Flow Meter is designed for all engine-testing applications

Sierra Instruments’ Emissions Systems Division introduces the Air-Trak Model 628S Engine Air Intake Mass Flow Meter. The Air-Trak Model 628S, originally designed to work specifically with Sierra’s Model BG-3 Partial Flow Sampling System as a fast, accurate and repeatable engine air intake mass flow meter, is now offered as a solution in all engine-testing applications.

Air-Trak is designed to measure engine air intake mass flow rates. The meter uses Fast-Flo Sensor Technology for a 200-millisecond response time, making it well-suited for transient test cycles. Integral Dual-Plate laminar flow conditioning elements and a 15:1 turndown make Air-Trak a flexible solution for the piping environments commonly found in engine test cells.

The microprocessor-based instrument integrates the functions of flow-range adjustment, meter validation and diagnostics encased in a probe-mounted NEMA 4X (IP65) housing. Mass flow rate and totalized flow, as well as other configuration variables, are displayed on the meter’s two by 12 backlit LCD panel. Air-Trak also provides an optical/galvanic, isolated 4-20 mA output or 0-5 VDC output and two alarm outputs. The programmable transmitter is configured via RS 232 communications and Sierra’s Smart Interface Windows-based software or manually with three push buttons inside the instrument. Air-Trak is available in body sizes from one inch to 24 inches (316 stainless steel tubing).  

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