GKS Inspection Services features product design and engineering services

GKS Inspection Services is offering product design and engineering services. Teaming up with its leading 3D non-contact and contact scanning services used for reverse engineering, dimensional inspection and large-scale measurement, these product design and engineering services make GKS a complete product development partner.

To accelerate its move into product design and engineering services, GKS acquired an existing engineering team with extensive experience designing vehicles for industries including agricultural, construction, recreational, and defense. This group includes some of the top class-A surfacing experts in the world. Possessing substantial experience in designing high accuracy plastic parts, the GKS engineers also understand the molding process extremely well.

GKS is able to create components which take into account essential design aspects, including ergonomic function, styling and manufacturing capability, without sacrificing the original design intent. Several GKS benchmark designs and trend-setting vehicle exterior designs are available on the market today. GKS has expertise in designing for industries as diverse as off-road vehicles, agricultural vehicles, construction vehicles, medical supplies and defense contractors using industry-leading software packages such as ProEngineer, ICEM Surf, Solidwork and Unigraphics.

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