WinWare's CribMaster Pro-Stock 560 offers vending solutions for tools

WinWare Inc. introduces the CribMaster Pro-Stock 560, a versatile carousel device which can be easily configured to dispense many unique tools or MRO items with high security and a small footprint.

The Pro-Stock 560 consists of up to 560 storage spaces in 10 individual carousel sections. Each individual tray is driven by a separate motor with no chains and very little moving parts. A user walks up to the Pro-Stock 560 and uses a simple to use touch screen display to log-in and search for their inventory. The proper carousel spins to the exact location containing the item. CribMaster software, the continued leader in indirect material management applications, takes it from there.

The CribMaster software that drives the Pro-Stock 560 contains the functionality needed to manage any type of indirect material. From tooling, spare parts inventory, PPE, MRO, etc., CribMaster is a robust and flexible inventory management application that was built by supporting the processes associated with this type of inventory. CribMaster currently has over 2400 customers in 13 countries and is the clear leader in providing technology to assist customers in reducing usage, tracking inventory movement, enhancing processes and developing more effective replenishment.

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