Siemens' Simatic power-management software improves energy monitoring

Siemens Energy and Automation Inc. introduces two Simatic power-management software solutions for the production and process industries. Simatic WinCC powerrate and Simatic PCS 7 powerrate are the latest additions to the Simatic WinCC visualization family and Simatic PCS 7 control family as premium add-ons.

Both powerrate solutions provide a uniform power-management solution that enables users to locate potential savings by examining the power behavior of different operating units and obtaining information on the plant status. By consolidating energy usage data into a single software solution, users get a timely and comprehensive view of detailed information on energy consumption.

These power management software solutions acquire power data from switching, protection and measuring devices, such as the Sentron PAC3200 power monitoring device that precisely measures the characteristic values and power values of loads in industrial and purpose-built buildings.

Additionally, the powerrate solutions also help minimize training costs by providing operators with a familiar system environment for comprehensive data management and visualization. Individual functions, such as measured value acquisition and processing, cost center management and load management are implemented via ready-made S7 modules, faceplates and Excel macros.
In addition to powerrate, there are also new faceplates for integration of the PAC 3200 power monitoring device into Simatic PCS 7 systems as a part of the device list, including maintenance view to maximize the pre-engineered solutions for power monitoring.

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