Raytek and Ircon IR products provide temperature measurement solutions for use in hazardous locations

The presence of combustible gases in certain industrial environments creates a serious risk of explosions. Intrinsically safe devices prevent explosions in hazardous locations by limiting the energy and surface temperature of the device under normal operation or when conditions arise that could become hazardous.

Devices can be approved as intrinsically safe (IS) only after passing a rigorous approval process required by a recognized entity. Instruments that feature PTB and TÜV certified hazard classes EEx ia IIC T4 and EEx ib IIC T4 approval can be used with a number of different gases or easily flammable vapors.

Special models of the Raytek Thermalert TX have been certified by PTB as intrinsically safe according to hazard class EEx ib IIC T4. The TX series of two-wire fixed online infrared sensors is designed for online temperature monitoring of machinery and plant processes. The TX has a 4-20 mA interface and can be remote-programmed via the HART/RS232 interface using Windows software. The sensors measure in a range of -18°C to 2000°C. All measuring data are displayed graphically and are stored for subsequent evaluation.

The Ircon Modline 5 with explosion-proof XP housing has been designed for special Modline 5R sensors and is certified AEx d IIB + H2. The rugged, compact XP housing ensures reliability in severe industrial environments and includes remote interface via the DPM, MSI or Modline 5 Modview software to access sensor settings.

The industries that can benefit from noncontact infrared thermometers include: petrochemical refineries and tank farms, chemical/pharmaceutical plants, fire departments when flammable gases are present, hazardous waste disposal and sewage, oil exploration (especially offshore rigs), petroleum and gas pumping stations, aviation fueling and maintenance, as well as rail, auto and ship refueling, liquid natural gas storage, arms manufacturing and storage, hydrogen generating facilities, boiler rooms, and ink, laminate, and coating processes that emit volatile vapors.

An infrared thermometer enables you to recognize equipment malfunctions or process problems before they can affect the operational process or result in process downtime.  This makes them valuable additional tools for plant and equipment maintenance and repair prevention.

Best of all, Infrared is Green. This enables:

  • Increased yield
  • Extended equipment life
  • Reduced energy and waste
  • Paperless reporting and storage
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