Harvel's HydroKing Commercial CPVC plumbing pipe line is engineered for multistory commercial water systems

Harvel Plastics Inc. introduces HydroKing Commercial, a line of IPS SDR 11 CPVC hot and cold water plumbing pipe engineered specifically for multistory commercial water systems in both new construction and retrofits. HydroKing Commercial offers a cost-effective alternative to metal water systems and is easily installed using Schedule 80 CPVC fittings with solvent-welded joining techniques.

Harvel manufactures HydroKing Commercial in iron pipe sizes (IPS) to SDR 11 dimensions (2 1/2 in., 3 in. and 4 in.) in strict accordance with ASTM F442, Standard Specification for CPVC plastic pipe. HydroKing Commercial provides high-pressure bearing capacity, improved water flow, fire resistance, corrosion resistance, easy assembly and installation, energy efficiency, quiet operation, high water quality and low installation costs.

HydroKing Commercial CPVC piping is routinely tested for strength and durability, as well as conformance to national standards through rigorous quality assurance testing. HydroKing Commercial pipe bears the NSF stamp of approval for potable water applications and meets all major building code standards. It is listed by NSF to Standard 61, Standard 14, CSA B137.6 CPVC for hot and cold water distribution systems, and also is listed for surface burning characteristics by ULC.

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