Pres-On closed cell foam tape offers a clean, waste-free alternative to liquid sealants

Pres-On introduces the PF-1400 low-density, closed cell polyethylene foam tape. A clean, waste-free alternative to liquid sealant, PF-1400 offers excellent weatherability in a wide temperature range.

The PF-1400 is an economical, general-purpose solution that addresses the need for long-lasting sealing, insulation, sound dampening and cushioning. Companies involved in the production of doors, windows and cars, as well as contractors who install HVAC equipment, will appreciate the tape's wear resistance, ease-of-application and variety of thicknesses, widths and roll lengths.

The PF-1400 is coated on one side with a high-tack rubber adhesive, protected by a paper release liner. It will bond to virtually any clean substrate, including irregular surfaces where it conforms to shape a positive seal. Functional temperature for the adhesive is 0°F to 140°F.


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