Pump-Flo Version 10 software makes it easier to size and select pumps

Pump-Flo Solutions releases its latest version of the Pump-Flo program — Pump-Flo Version 10. The Pump-Flo software suite is used by pump manufacturers, pump distributors and pump users/specifiers in the sizing and selection of pumps, showing dynamic pump curves and aiding purchasers and suppliers in the quotation process.

New features include the ability to determine the proper selection point for multiple pump operation, by means of the Multiple Pump Design Point calculator. You may also select regenerative turbine pump styles in Pump-Flo version 10. There is an added option of selecting pumps in pressure units, and the curve generator automatically shows the system resistance curve on the pump graph.

An Atmospheric Pressure Calculator has been included to help users determine their normal atmospheric pressure based on the local elevation, which can have an effect on accurate pump selection.

The Pump-Flo software suite is available as both a Windows-based (CD) and Web-based software solution to support all user preferences. Both platforms are built from the same architecture and interface to ensure rapid implementation and a short learning curve. The Pump-Flo program was built on 20 years of research and development, stemming from the industry standard Pipe-Flo Windows-based product. The software can be branded and built to fulfill individual customer’s needs.

New features and improvements include:

  • Generate system resistance curves based on design point, total head calculator or multiple pump calculator.
  • Select from regenerative turbine pump catalogs
  • Multiple-speed graph ISO lines
  • Atmospheric pressure calculator
  • Selecting pumps in pressure units
  • Multiple pump design point calculator
  • Variable-speed pump cost analysis calculator

Software facts:

  • Web-based and Windows-based desktop (CD), platforms available
  • 80 catalogs are available on the web based version. Over 100 catalogs are available through the desktop version.
  • Pump-Flo pump selection tool is included as part of the Pipe-Flo piping system design software
  • Demo free trial available for the desktop version
  • Web version has more than 150,000 registered users
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