Mesa's 7I64 isolated I/O card allows high side, low side and push-pull output switch configurations

The 7I64 is an 24 output, 24 input isolated I/O card. The 7I64 provides 24 Isolated 48VDC 2.5A output drivers and all output drivers are low-saturation voltage MOSFETS for low power dissipation. Each of the 24 output switches is isolated from the others, allowing high side, low side, push-pull and other output switch configurations. The 24 OPTO-isolated inputs will operate with input voltages from 5 to 24 V. Reverse protection diodes are provided to allow use with AC inputs.

A built-in watchdog timer turns all outputs off if the 7I64 is not accessed within the selectable watchdog timeout interval. The 7I64 has three host interface methods: USB, Serial RS-422 and SPI. The 7I64 can be USB powered. The serial interface supports baud rates from 115.2K to 2.5M baud.

The SPI interface is compatible with MESAs Anything I/O cards and can be used for high speed real time I/O. A SPI breakout card (7I46) allows up to six 7I64s to connect to a single 50 pin Anything I/O connector. The SPI interface supports data rates to 10 Mbps so a full read/write of all 48 I/O bits takes about 3 uSec. 3.5 mm screw terminal compatible plugs are used for isolated I/O.
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