Digital Precision's OneTouch-LS metrology and inspection station uses Toshiba's CSL8000CL linescan camera

With its "one-touch" button control, the OneTouch-LS linescan metrology and inspection station from Digital Precision Corp. allows engineers to inspect images easier and faster than vision systems requiring a PC keyboard and mouse for entering commands. It is designed for quality-sensitive industries, saving customers time and money, while improving overall efficiency. Toshiba Teli's CSL8000CL 12K pixel resolution, high-speed linescan camera is playing a key role as part of this innovative solution.

The OneTouch-LS is a departure from the standard metrology and inspection systems that engineers are familiar with. Once activated, it scans the part with a stroke of 150mm (x axis) and 75mm (z axis), acquires a color or black/white image as large of 18545 x 8160 and, with its Windows XP/Vista-based DMP6000 software, performs a variety of crucial measurement or inspection tasks, including distance, circle, width, thickness, ellipse, straightness and statistics, all in mere seconds.

In designing the OneTouch-LS, Digital Precision Corp. engineers opted not to incorporate an array of standard area cameras because of space constraints. In addition, there was the complex software/calibration involved in handling overlapping fields of views at different scale and focus. A large-area camera was also considered, but these can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Instead, the Toshiba-Teli CSL8000CL linescan  camera was deployed, resulting in reduced overall development cost.

Featuring the high-speed Camera Link interface for compatibility with standard cables and frame grabbers, the CSL8000CL accelerates high-speed and high-throughput applications without compromising noise immunity, linearity or charge transfer efficiency. Its pixel rate of 80 MHz yields line rates of up to 37 Hz, with ultra-high resolution RGB images (4083 pixels x 3) and 8160-pixel resolution monochrome.

The camera features the Kodak KLI-4104 image sensor that consists of three parallel linear photodiode arrays for the output of R, G and B signals, along with a fourth channel for luminance information. This design allows for output of imaging targets in both color and monochrome images. Color pixel size is 10 µm x 10 µm, and monochrome is 5µm x 5 µm.

The OneTouch-LS system includes the CSL8000CL camera, a Camera Link frame grabber, CL3M Camera Link cable, power supply, DPM6000 software and an F-mount lens.

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