SKF's “dry lubrication” system offers convenience for food and beverage conveyor lines

The SKF “dry lubrication” system, designed for food and beverage conveyor lines, improves worker safety and cleanliness, saves water and lubricant, reduces maintenance requirements and promotes operational efficiencies. The lubricant is applied through an automatic centralized lubrication system and can be used on metal or plastic conveyors for filling and packaging.

The system consists of a central unit, piping and stainless steel distributors that deliver a metered volume of “dry film lubricant” to belt conveyor surfaces and guides without the use of water-soluble lubricating agents (water and soap). When applied, the lubricant leaves a dry lubricating film, which protects against wear of all mechanical sliding parts of conveyors.

Among other benefits, users can reduce requirements for wastewater handling, lessen risk of bacterial contamination and limit moisture and inhibit corrosion.

The lubricant’s PTFE content (with no toxic components) avoids the “stick-slip” phenomenon and does not stain; exhibits good penetrating properties due to low viscosity; and adheres well to all treated surfaces after evaporation of the solvent. The lubricant complies with environmental standards and is FDA approved for use in food applications.

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