SKF's Multilog DMx vibration monitor combines machine protection and analysis capabilities

The SKF Multilog DMx system introduces a universal distributed vibration-based machinery protection and condition monitoring solution in a single module for use in conventional and hazardous areas. The system’s on-line vibration monitors can be situated easily on the skid of any machine to enable intrinsically safe and cost-effective operations throughout a plant.

The Multilog DMx combines machine protection and analysis capabilities. Machine protection measurements react to a vibration alarm that may signify a looming catastrophic failure, while the condition monitoring function delivers measurements for subsequent analysis to prevent potential failure. 

The four-channel system represents a safe alternative to traditionally complex control room architecture, contributing to reduced installation time and costs, downsized field cabling and minimized space requirements for configuration.

The system incorporates digital technology processing and connects easily to plant control and information networks by common protocols. Field-mounted distributed monitors eliminate costly control room cabinets and rack hardware. Available software presents comprehensive transducer, data processing and alarm configuration in a user-friendly interface.


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