Shell's Tellus EE hydraulic oil lubricant improves energy efficiency

Shell Lubricants has added an energy-saving lubricant to its Shell Tellus hydraulic oil range. Shell Tellus EE, formulated in response to rising energy prices, helps companies reduce the energy consumption of their hydraulic machinery by up to 8%.

Shell Tellus EE is Shell’s first hydraulic fluid that has been specifically designed to help improve the energy efficiency of the machinery in which it is used. The fluid contains a unique additive technology, and has undergone extensive laboratory tests and field trials which have demonstrated its ability to help improve a machine’s energy efficiency. With hydraulics being at the core of many production processes, Shell Tellus EE has the potential to contribute to the goal of reducing an organization’s energy costs.

Shell Tellus EE has been formulated to help hydraulic systems transmit power as efficiently as possible. This includes paying particular attention to the lubricant’s viscosity: too thick and extra energy is required to move parts, too thin and parts come into contact leading to excessive wear and the resulting component replacement and downtime costs. The density of the lubricant is also important and Shell Tellus EE has been designed to retain an optimal density to help transmit rather than absorb power. In addition, Shell Tellus EE benefits from low friction properties through the careful selection of base oil and additive formulation. The launch of Shell Tellus EE is part of a long-term commitment by Shell to developing lubricants that will help to tackle today’s global energy challenges. 

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