AutomationDirect offers diverse line of RUKO cutting tools

High-performance split-point step drill bits are cubical boron nitride (CBN) ground from a solid hardened form to provide spiral flutes without burrs and a superior cutting edge. Each step has radially adjusted relief, relating directly to the diameter of the step. The CBN-ground point ensures centering and spot-drilling, even in thin-walled material. Step drill bits are available in high-speed steel and titanium nitride-coated high-speed steel and are designed for sheet metal working in electrical, sanitary engineering, heating technologies, automotive, mechanical engineering, switching systems and aviation applications. Step drill bits are available individually and in a three-piece kit.

For normal drilling in conventional materials, the jobber length drill bits are made of heavy-duty, high-speed steel and feature a precise concentricity. Designed for applications such as steel and stainless steel, alloyed and unalloyed cast iron, sintered iron, nickel silver, graphite, brass and bronze, jobber-size drill bits are available in high-speed steel and titanium nitride-coated high speed steel. The titanium nitride coating increases surface hardness and heat resistance, while providing longer tool life with increased cutting speeds. Jobber length drill bits are available in packs of 5 or 10 and in 21- or 29-piece kits.

Coarse and fine-thread machine taps are available in nine sizes, are constructed of cobalt-alloyed high-speed steel, have a reinforced shank for through threads and feature a spiral point. Unified coarse thread taps are available in sizes ranging from 4-40 to 3/8-16 while unified fine thread taps range from 4-48 to 3/8-24.

Knockout punch hole-cutting tools include a punch, die and draw bolt. It's designed for use with sheet steel, stainless steel sheets, nonferrous and light metals, and up to 8-gauge plastic, thin materials cut quickly, easily, cleanly and without burrs. The three-point cut ensures less deformation of the punched parts while preventing damage to the draw-in bolt. The optional replacement draw bolt with a ball bearing between the draw-in bolt and die plate reduces the punching force required by up to 67%. Replacement draw bolts, with the ball bearing, are available in three popular sizes.

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