Digi International's DigiMesh networking protocol is optimized for battery-powered networks

Digi International introduces DigiMesh on 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz XBee embedded RF modules. DigiMesh is a peer-to-peer, mesh networking protocol optimized for battery-powered networks that simplifies mesh networks while providing advanced features, such as sleeping routers and support for dense networks. It will be offered in addition to existing XBee point-to-multipoint and ZigBee mesh networking solutions as part of Digi's Drop-in Networking product line. In other mesh architectures, devices are often divided into a parent-child relationship of parent routers, which provide "traffic cop" functions, and end devices such as sensors. These routers often cannot be put into a sleeping state and therefore must be plugged into a power source. With DigiMesh, there is no parent-child architecture. All devices can be put into a sleeping state to conserve power and all can simultaneously be a router and end device. This is especially critical for situations where sensors or devices being managed are far from a sustainable power source and require the use of battery and/or power-harvesting technology. This one device-type architecture also simplifies application development and deployment while improving scalability. DigiMesh joins other XBee protocols including IEEE 802.15.4, the ZigBee-PRO Feature Set and multiple proprietary long-range protocols. DigiMesh is currently available on extended-range 900 MHz and globally deployable 2.4 GHz XBee modules. It also will be available across Digi's Drop-in Networking solutions, including XBee adapters, network extenders and gateways. The product extensibility allows customers to match the best hardware solution for their application and empower it with DigiMesh networking functionality.
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