Donaldson Torit PowerCore dust collectors are smaller and smarter than traditional baghouse technologies

Donaldson Torit solves a growing need for better filtration, reduced operational cost and greater flexibility in baghouse dust collection with the launch of its Torit PowerCore dust collectors with PowerCore filter packs. An extension of the Donaldson Company’s PowerCore technology, Torit PowerCore dust collectors are smaller and smarter than traditional baghouse technologies. Stand-alone Torit PowerCore dust collectors are up to 50% smaller than traditional baghouses, while bin vent models are up to 70% smaller than traditional technology.

PowerCore media technology is integral to the dramatic downsizing of the Torit PowerCore collector. Just seven inches tall, one PowerCore filter pack replaces six traditional eight-foot long fabric filter bags. Instead of hours or days to remove cumbersome and dirty traditional filter bags, PowerCore filter packs are removed from the clean side of the collector with one hand in minutes without using tools.

PowerCore filter packs deliver better dust filtration by combining Donaldson Torit’s Ultra-Web surface-loading technology with a fluted-media design that allows more media in a small volume. PowerCore filter packs capture both large and small dust particles. Independent lab tests, using EPA PM 2.5 standards, show that PowerCore filter packs with Ultra-Web provide up to 78% fewer emissions than traditional bags — translating to cleaner plant air and greater product recovery.

The fluted structure of the PowerCore filter pack extends filter life and eliminates bridging problems common for manufacturers using traditional baghouse technology on wood, fiber glass, plastic and other stringy and agglomerative materials. Unlike traditional filter bags that move when they are pulse cleaned or shaken, accelerating bag fatigue and wear, the PowerCore filter packs are stationary, which prolongs filter life. Torit PowerCore also departs from the traditional baghouse airflow pattern that directs the incoming dirty air between the long hanging filter bags, which often leads to bridging on lightweight and/or fibrous materials. Torit PowerCore is engineered to direct the dirty air straight into the bottom of the PowerCore filter pack, thereby eliminating bridging.

Less steel and oil are required to manufacture and transport collectors that are 50-70% smaller than traditional baghouses. With filters that don’t succumb to bridging and continue to filter longer with high efficiency and minimal servicing, the cost of owning and maintaining the Torit PowerCore collectors with PowerCore filter packs provide long-term value for manufacturers. In addition, smaller sized Torit PowerCore collectors allow new applications at the point of use and can eliminate the need for complicated duct work or a large, energy-consuming central dust collector. With greater flexibility, manufacturers can now maximize space on the plant floor while containing costs.

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