Bison's VWDIR83 gearmotors offer stationary and battery-powered models

Whether the rotary motion of an OEM's equipment is run by low-voltage battery power or from a stationary DC power source, the fractional-horsepower, parallel-shaft VWDIR83 gearmotors from Bison Gear & Engineering Corp. represent a versatile solution. Designed as Von Weise drop-in replacements, the Bison VWDIR83 gearmotors are available in 12 standard models; six each for 12-volt and 90-volt DC inputs. With gear ratios from 32:1 to 430:1, fixed output speeds range from six to 93 rpm, with output torques from 50 to 13 in-lbs. These Bison drop-in replacements for VW83 gearmotors feature 1/30 hp permanent magnet DC motors with replaceable brushes, grease lubrication for long life and all-position face mounting with a 50-lb. overhung load rating. Bison also is introducing a similar line of dual-voltage, dual-frequency AC gearmotors, powered by 1/20 hp induction motors. 

Bison's VWDIR83 gearmotors are available with UL and CSA recognition, and are supported by Bison's Innopreneurial application and design engineering capabilities to customize standard models to meet specific OEM needs. The VWDIR83 PMDC gearmotors are part of the expanding Bison Gear line of Von Weise drop-in replacement gearmotors, which encompasses more than 75 standard models.

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