FKI Logistex high-speed palletizing solutions accommodate reductions in secondary packaging

FKI Logistex introduces a line of high-speed palletizers, including the PL-950 series, which features a robot-based case divider. The PL-950 joins the existing FKI Logistex palletizer/depalletizer line, which ranges from the entry-level GS-100 up to the high-speed A-944.
Providing a high-speed solution for flexible, in-line palletizing, the PL-950 uses one or more robotic arms — depending upon rate requirements — for pattern forming, manipulating and orienting the product into the pallet layer. The PL-950 can be easily reconfigured for any type of product and is suited for small packages and complex patterns.
The drive toward sustainability and environmentally conscious packaging has led to a reduction in the amount of protective packaging around a product. The gentler manipulation of product provided by the PL-950 accommodates this reduction in secondary packaging without compromising the integrity of the finished product.

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