Koch Knight LLC's Pyroflex sheet coating system is engineered for durability and lasting pliability

Koch Knight LLC introduces the Pyroflex sheet membrane system for vessels in corrosive chemical processing and mining facility construction. Pyroflex is engineered for durability and lasting pliability in the demanding and extreme environment of autoclave service.

Proven in severe acid environments for over 50 years, Pyroflex is a manufactured, fiber-reinforced composite membrane system that remains permanently plastic, outperforming traditional asphaltic and fiber-reinforced, resin alternative linings, which become porous and crack. Pyroflex does not experience thermal decomposition under 500°F. Pyroflex resists inorganic alkalines like caustic soda and salts, and it is not affected by reducing agents.
Pyroflex functions as an integral component of an overall lining system, often acting as an expansion joint between brick and shell. Pyroflex sheets fuse directly to metal and concrete surfaces without the need for special adhesives, which can break down. Adjacent sheets are butted and fused together with joint strips for a continuous uniform lining with no lap joints.

Maximizing cost efficiency and production up-time, Pyroflex is quick to repair if damaged. Sections can be repaired without compromising the structure of the entire lining, unlike other lining materials which must be replace in their entirety when damaged. A special heating process mates the new section to the lining around it, creating a seamless, long-lasting patch.

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