GE's outdoor LED area light offers improved light-level uniformity and energy efficiency

The GE outdoor LED area light from GE Lighting Systems, Inc. — the first of several outdoor LED lighting systems the company will debut starting in 2008 — provides up to 60% energy savings, longer life and improved light-level uniformity when compared with traditional HID lamp sources and optical systems, such as a standard 400-watt quartz metal halide system.

High performance LED systems from Lumination, LLC enable the GE LED outdoor area light to deliver excellent system and application efficiency with up to four times the recommended service interval of standard HID systems. GE Lighting Systems accelerated the development of the GE outdoor LED area light through extensive collaboration with Lumination. The addition of outdoor LED lighting systems is a major expansion of GE Lighting Systems' product portfolio.

Using LEDs as a reliable, long-term outdoor lighting solution requires consideration of a variety of design and application conditions that differ from traditional magnetic ballast and lamp systems. The GE outdoor LED area light improves visibility and quality of light versus standard HID systems by providing a comparatively higher color temperature (5500K), a 70-plus color-rendering index and a low-glare optical design. It can do all this with lower lumens and considerable energy savings because its advanced optical design leverages the LED characteristics to deliver light precisely where it is intended to go.

The low profile design of the GE outdoor LED area light offers an aesthetically desirable appearance, while incorporating clean lines and a reduced effective projected area. Its optics create a more uniform light level for the on-site activities that require light, while reducing off-site glare and light pollution. The luminaire's low glare and high uniformity benefits promote improved performance in security camera operation, since cameras are susceptible to glare sources and work better with a smaller range of scene brightness. The GE outdoor LED area light's optical system satisfies IESNA Full-Cut-Off criteria, while providing enhanced photometric performance.

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