AutoCrib's demand-based inventory management software cuts inventory by 20%

AutoCrib has released its inventory-management software application, AutoCrib 5.3. Designed with user input, AutoCrib 5.3 can manage traditional cribs and stores as well as AutoCrib's line of point-of-use dispensing systems. The automatic system eliminates the need to set up and review min/max or reorder point systems.  After a short period of usage, history is automatically developed and the system takes over, constantly monitoring all of the items in the system and looking for trends, spikes and normal usage. This information is then balanced against known lead times from suppliers.    

Case studies show that those who choose demand-based ordering over standard min/max-based purchasing can run their tool cribs and point-of-use dispensing equipment with 20% less inventory and zero stock outs. The software further cuts costs by reducing slow and dead inventory. For the end-user, demand-based ordering cuts inventory and related costs and eliminates stock-outs and related complications such as shut downs, emergency orders, overnight shipping and rush charges while preventing dead inventory from ever being ordered. 


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