Elfab's Test-Tel rupture disc installation aid is awarded ATEX approval

Elfab's rupture disc installation aid, Test-Tel, has been awarded ATEX approval. Test-Tel is designed to confirm correct disk installation and to ensure the proper fitting of the ATEX-approved detection system, Flo-Tel. Test-Tel is a low-cost, portable tool that eliminates the risk of poorly fitted rupture disks or incorrectly wired detection systems. The system offer a range of test methods, including disk status check, detection check and battery check. With ATEX zone zero approvals, the product is safe to use in explosive operating conditions. Test-Tel is also useful at the rupture disk installation stage, ensuring a proper first-time approach that saves customers time and refitting costs. For maintenance managers, Test-Tel ensures accurate burst control and continuous device function, allowing for foolproof, non-invasive checking of alarms.

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