Nixalite's Bird Buffer repels birds with a nearly invisible grape-scented haze

The Bird Buffer from Nixalite is a programmable, electronic aerosol generator that repels flying birds — indoors and outdoors — by producing a nearly invisible repellent haze. Birds that fly through the haze soon associate the location with the repellent’s effect and leave the area for good. Bird Buffers are quiet, safe and efficient, using very little repellent to cover large, open areas. The Bird Buffer converts liquid Fog Force, a harmless grape food flavoring, into tiny nanoparticles that, when blown into the air at 90 mph, create an invisible haze that stays suspended in the air for about six hours. When used indoors, the Bird Buffer haze does not damage paint and creates a faint grape aroma. While many fogging machine requires a gallon of Fog Force fluid to fog a three- to five- acre area for two hours, the Bird Buffer uses 1 gal of Fog Force to keep the same size area 96% bird-free for two months. Included timers allow for unattended operation at times of peak bird activity.

Bird Buffer has been approved in places where other systems are not:

  • Food packing/processing facilities
  • Aircraft maintenance hangars
  • Airport equipment and plane storage
  • Landfills and recycling centers
  • Orchards, vineyards and farms
  • Open-air malls and restaurants
  • Auto parking and storage facilities
  • Large, flat and open rooftops
  • Feed lots, livestock containment
  • Nurseries, greenhouses and tree farms
  • Nearly anywhere birds fly through, over and around large open spaces
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