Quick Load Gooseneck System from Tregaskiss provides the exact angle for welding applications

Tregaskiss unveils the Quick Load Gooseneck System for its curved-handle Tough Gun MIG guns. This system allows welding operators to change gooseneck combinations quickly and easily, minimizing unnecessary downtime and providing the exact angle for specific welding applications. The system also accommodates a variety of gooseneck lengths and styles. A quick-release feature allows different gooseneck styles to be switched out easily and it allows the gooseneck to be rotated 360 degrees to reach awkward joints or to weld in confined areas. No tools are required.

To further minimize downtime, the Quick Load Gooseneck System is combined with Tregaskiss Quick Load Liner system, which allows a new liner to be installed from the front end of the MIG gun and requires less than half the time of a full liner installation. A sectional liner system has been integrated into the Tough Gun MIG guns, allowing the gooseneck liner and consumables to remain in place during changeover. The Quick Load Gooseneck System operates on a common consumable platform and is compatible with the Tough Lock Contact System.

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