IOtech's vibration-monitoring and measurement systems offer increased channel count and remote monitoring

IOtech has added two products to its vibration-measurement portfolio. The 600 Series dynamic signal acquisition product portfolio now offers a 10-channel, 24-bit, simultaneous sampling USB 2.0 device. With the addition of the eZ-TOMAS Remote, the eZ-Series software suite has expanded its capability to include remote machine monitoring and control.

The IOtech 652u doubles the number of channels available in a single 600 Series device from five to 10. The device also offers 4 mA IEPE per channel. DASYLab driver support for the 600 Series has also been expanded to include the IOtech 652u and is available on the DSA 2.2 CD.

eZ-TOMAS Remote allows for connection to any eZ-TOMAS system accessible on your plant’s network. One remote client can connect to multiple eZ-TOMAS systems for simultaneous remote monitoring. Additionally, a single eZ-TOMAS system can serve data to multiple remote clients. eZ-TOMAS supports IOtech’s WaveBook, ZonicBook, and 600 Series devices. eZ-Analyst has also added support for RPC-III file format.

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