Bell and Gossett's Technologic 5500 ZoneSav optimizes zone/bridge flow

Bell & Gossett introduces the Technologic 5500 ZoneSav controller, which is designed to optimize zone/bridge flow and distribution loop Delta T without sacrificing humidity control and comfort. The Technologic 5500 ZoneSav controller makes allows users to “decouple” zones thermally or hydraulically from the chilled or the hot water distribution systems. The controller is suitable for either two- or three-way control valve applications.

By introducing a true tertiary zone valve with a decoupling bridge, a tertiary zone pump and a ZoneSav valve controller, the system eliminates:

  • Weak differential pressures in remote branches of the system
  • Excessive differential pressures in loads near the main distribution plant
  • Wild flow control during outage recovery

The ZoneSav also provides:

  • Diversity control during peak demand periods
  • Predictable performance when additional loads are added to the system

Standard features of the ZoneSav controller include a wall mounted NEMA 1 enclosure, temperature inputs/readouts, adjustable PID functions, automatic or manual system control, system purge, PID auto-tuning functions and energy optimization, as well as valve limit user-accessible parameters. All ZoneSav controllers feature multiple modes of operation, including:

  • Temperature/Humidity Optimization
  • GPM/BTU Readout
  • Flow Limit Control (Zone Flow limiting)
  • Differential temperature/temperature optimization

The ZoneSav product offering is complemented with numerous accessories and options, including temperature detectors with 4-20mA output, control valves, actuators and valve positioners (electric or pneumatic), insertion flow meters with pulse and 4-20mA output and digital and analog logic input modules for expanded I/O points.

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