Tyco's EJT filter features improved HF screening for high-power applications

Alongside its IEC connector filter packages for standard and medical applications, Tyco Electronics also offers the EJT filter for high-power applications. The EJT filter’s two-stage construction, improved HF screening and high-quality components make it a viable solution for noise attenuation within the high-frequency range of up to 1 GHz. The components can be used in computer systems, plasma and LCD screens which are connected to mains power using IEC connectors. The EJT filter series offers various output connection options and a compact design. The filter is suitable for most standard panel cut-out and can be mounting from either the front or the rear of the device. For current ratings of 1-15A (VDE 10A), the EJT filter series is fitted with an IEC 320/C14 input plug. For equipment with higher power ratings up to 20A (VDE 16A), an IEC 320/C20 plug is used. All versions of the EJT filter series are UL and VDE approved and are RoHS compliant.

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