Miller's Arc Armor safety apparel offers design and comfort

To meet the demand for attractive safety apparel that fits as well as it functions, Miller Electric Mfg. Co. introduces Arc Armor, a line of safety apparel that focuses on style, design and comfort. Arc Armor uses high-quality materials and a welder-friendly design.

Four styles of gloves, designed for MIG, Stick, TIG and metalworking, are available in size small to extra-large. The gloves feature ergonomically curved fingers for added comfort and dexterity.

  • Miller MIG glove — Made from a combination of durable top-grain cowhide and pigskin, the MIG glove is designed for medium MIG welding and metal working tasks.
  • Miller H.D. (Heavy Duty) MIG/STICK Glove — Designed for professional MIG and Stick welding, the H.D. glove offers leather thumb saddle reinforcement and a palm patch.
  • Miller TIG glove — Constructed from goatskin, the TIG glove features a padded palm to meet the demands of TIG welding.
  • Miller metalworker glove — For daily metal workers, the multipurpose metalworker glove offers a goat-skin design and textured G-Grip PVC patches for an enhanced grip.

Designed by welders for welders, three new jackets are available in a cloth, a combination of cloth and leather and an all-leather style. The Cloth jacket is made from 100% Indura flame-resistant cotton fabric and is guaranteed flame resistant for the life of the garment. The jackets feature pin-flap pockets to keep sparks out and allow quick access to contents, as well as two pockets strategically positioned for items like a soapstone or 6-inch scale. Newly designed cuffs and collars offer a better fit and cover more exposed skin than traditional designs.

The Combo jacket provides the protection of leather where it’s needed, while offering the cool, lightweight benefits of a cloth jacket. Premium pigskin leather and Indura flame-resistant cotton unite in Miller’s “leather-sleeved” welding jacket. Unlike other jackets that can burn up in the shoulders when welding overhead, the Combo jacket completely covers the upper part of the body in premium pigskin leather.

The Cloth and Combo Jacket offers welders a lightweight garment with hidden snaps for the addition of a pigskin leather bib/apron. The design allows for added coverage across the chest or thighs, depending on the welding application. Hidden snaps protect materials from scratches and damage, while the bib/apron can be removed for lightwelding applications. The all-leather jacket is made from lightweight pigskin leather, which stretches slightly and is resistant to shrinkage from moisture. The smooth, grain-side of the leather faces outward, allowing sparks to skip or shed off the leather more easily.

Complementing the line of gloves and welding jackets are a number of other accessories including:

  • Jobsite tool bag — Featuring a large 12-inch by 18 1/2–inch foldable zipper opening, the bag offers 20 separate pockets and a padded shoulder strap.
  • Welding sleeves — Made from Indura 100% flame-resistant cotton, the 21-inch-long welding sleeves offer cool, lightweight protection, patches of pigskin leather and an elastic band at the top of the sleeve for added comfort.
  • Welding caps — Made from 100% cotton and available in four designs, the caps feature a low, 6-inch crown with a soft bill.
  • Bandanas — Made from 100% cotton, the bandanas are available in two designs and have a terry cloth insert sewn into the sweatband.
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