Baldor's BSM132 brushless servo motor provides continuous stall torque

Baldor Electric Co. unveils the BSM132 high-power brushless servo motor. The BSM132 has the capability to reach 20 hp (14.5 kilowatts) and can be expanded to 34 hp(25 kilowatts) with an optional blower cooling system. The servo motors provide continuous stall torque from 620 pounds/inch (70 Nm) to 1,060 pounds/inch (120 Nm). For applications requiring faster positioning, the BSM132 offers speeds of up to 5,000 rpm.

Design features include:

  • IP65-grade sealing to protect against dust and low-pressure water jets
  • Optional blower cooling system to extend the motor's performance range
  • Optional rotatable connectors
  • Feedback including resolver or absolute encoder (single and multiturn)
  • Servo-rated ball bearings for durability and smoothness
  • Double-insulated, multicoated magnet wire for reliability
  • Premium grease
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