UNiGY PhD improves energy efficiency for hydraulic pump systems

Kadant AES offers the UNiGY PhD (Pump-modeling hydraulic Drive technology) to improve energy efficiency for hydraulic pump systems. By providing hydraulic power on demand, the UNiGY PhD can reduces power consumption by up to 60%. The system employs pump-control software to continually sense demand and energize the pump as required by the application. The pump produces the precise flow rates and pressures demanded by the process, reducing the need for oil cooling, lowering energy consumption, wasted heat generation and noise. By matching hydraulic power output to demand, UNiGY technology consistently operates the hydraulic system at almost “Unity” power factor. The system uses pumps and motors that operate at a high efficiency at all flows and pressures, significantly reducing the peak electrical demand, the total energy consumption, and the demand and reactive power charges levied by most utilities for industrial sector users.

The software is based on feed-forward torque-control algorithms that slow or stop the pump when reduced flow is required. The reduction eliminates pressure spikes and ripples, resulting in fewer hose bursts, leaks and unscheduled plant outages. The system also employs current signature analysis to sense common environmental hazards associated with hydraulic systems, such as leaks that lead to fires. The UNiGY pump-control technology can be retrofitted into existing systems and incorporated into new installations. UNiGY technology reduces hydraulic system complexity by eliminating the need for pressure compensated pumps, as well as oil cooling circuits, dump valves, servo valves and associated amplifier cards.

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