The Pocket Pixel from Unilux offers a pulsed LED light for high-speed inspection applications

Unilux introduces the Pocket Pixel, a pocket-sized, battery-powered pulsed LED light for high-speed inspection applications for plant maintenance and predictive maintenance applications. The Pixel — which offers 30% brighter light than other Xenon industrial strobes — uses its reflector design to focus lights on fast-moving machinery components. The light gets brighter as the pulse duration or the pulse rate increases. The Pocket Pixel allows flash rates of up to 50,000 flashes per minute, with an adjustable flash duration from 10 to 250 microseconds. Users can set the Pixel flash rate to automatically adjust proportionately to the flash rate, giving the best balance in light intensity and flash duration.
The Pocket Pixel has a higher uptime potential than other Xenon strobes. If one of its eight lamps burns out, the Pixel produces enough light to continue performing inspection duties. The Pocket Pixel can run for up to two hours continuously using its rechargeable NiCad batteries. The Pixel’s sustainable, eco-friendly LED lamps do not emit ozone or UV rays, have minimal disposal  requirements and consume less energy in operation. The Pocket Pixel can be used as a handheld unit or mounted on an articulating arm or a selection of swivel mounts. Mounting permits continuous use with an AC converter.

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