DLI's Watchman DCA-50B vibration data collector offers portable condition-based maintenance

DLI Engineering introduces the Watchman DCA-50B vibration data collector to replace the DCA-50 in their line of portable, condition-based maintenance (CBM) products. With upgraded embedded software, a new keypad and several internal hardware upgrades, the four-channel DCA-50B allows users to perform advanced troubleshooting techniques, collect machine vibration data, and perform in-place dynamic balancing of rotating machines. The DCA-50B includes a rich user interface, a 6.2-inch color screen and an easy-to-use keypad/mouse pad. Route-based data collection software and DLI’s multi-plane balance software are included in the standard configuration. A triaxial accelerometer is also included to allow simultaneous collection of triaxial data. This will save time during data collection and promote reliable, repeatable collection of vibration data.

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