Ledco's TuffHub is first vibration-tested USB/Ethernet hub

Ledco unveils the TuffHub, the industry's first MIL-STD-810F vibration tested USB/Ethernet hub. The TuffHub is USB 2.0 certified, making it easy to add peripherals such as GPS, scanners, card readers and printers. In-vehicle video also can  be added via a RJ45 Ethernet port.

The TuffHub is the first of its kind to meet and exceed MIL-STD-810F, a standard developed by the Department of Defense. The TuffHub is designed for in-vehicle use and has been validated against automotive OEM standards by Ledcoto. The hub performs in mobile vehicle environments where harsh vibration, power surges and electromagnetic interference are prevalent.

The TuffHub is housed in a shock-resistant, self-extinguishing case with strain-relieved ports that prevent accidental disconnects and components that can operate in temperatures as high as 180°F or as low as -20°F. The TuffHub's streamlined design can be mounted in tight quarters, such as small boat cabins, dashboards or out-of the-way warehouse spaces.

Other features include:

  • A best-in-class, five-year warranty
  • Inline fuse protection
  • EMI/RF filtering
  • A voltage regulator that protects peripherals from damage during over-voltage, engine cranking and voltage spikes
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