Advance's Exterra rider sweeper has an extra-wide, dust-controlled sweeping path

The enclosed-cab Exterra rider sweeper from Advance features an integrated dust-suppression system that minimizes dust at the side brooms to create an extra-wide, 77-inch, dust-controlled sweeping path. Exterra’s DustClear system uses a dust-suppressing fog around the side brooms – where conventional sweepers kick up the most dust. The DustClear system allows full-time side broom use, so sweeping productivity is increased by up to 71% over other machines without side-broom dust control.

The new enclosed-cab option is available with heating and/or air conditioning and is designed with Advance’s Clear-View feature, giving the operator a clear line of sight to the side broom and the front of the sweeper.

The Exterra, which is available in both LP and diesel-powered models, combines a 50-inch-wide main broom and two dust-controlled side brooms. The machine’s main filter system features 94 square feet of nanofiber-technology filter material to capture over 98% of dust particles from 0.3 to 10 microns.

The Exterra sweeper is operated with one-touch controls and a single foot-pedal for controlling speed, direction and broom activation. The hopper safety arm is controlled from the operator compartment so it is not necessary to leave the seat. A return-to-idle feature conserves fuel and reduces total emissions, and the sweeper’s MaxAccess design facilitates fast maintenance for less downtime and higher productivity. 

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