Basler offers retrofit solutions for the GE Diactor

The General Electric type GDA “Diactor” was one of the most popular automatic voltage regulators provided worldwide throughout the mid 1930s to early 1970s time frame. It is found in generator controls used with a diverse range of land based prime movers that include diesel engines, hydro, steam and gas turbines generally between 2 and 25 megawatts in capacity.

Electrical and mechanical deterioration and obsolescence of the product are forcing owners to search out new retrofit solutions. Application Note EX-DIAC2 describes the fundamental operation of the Diactor and provides Basler Electric’s preferred solutions using the DECS-400 or DECS-200 Pan Chassis for replacing this obsolete electromechanical voltage regulator.

This application note is available for download from the Basler Web site at, or call (618) 654-2341.

Basler's Web site at offers a chart summarizing obsolete systems and offers recommended Basler replacement options. The site also offers product bulletins and instructions manuals.


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