Ameco's blast-resistant air shelters offer security for workers in potential blast zones

Ameco introduces its blast-resistant air shelter, designed for use in construction sites that include the potential for blasting or explosions. Normal safety standards dictate the relocate of temporary facilities to an offsite location, far away from potential blast zone operating units. While moving work facilities reduces the risk of injury and death, it also results in excessive travel time, losses in craft productivity and separation from the center of work. Ameco meets this industry need by providing structures with a high level of safety and delivering protected working conditions and security for those working in a potential blast zone. The structures also reduce travel time and loss of productivity. Providing a sheltered, safe work environment for onsite temporary craft workers, the shelter is designed to resist even massive 4psi blast waves. Heat transfer is minimal, shock-absorbing anchor lines reduce environmental stress from entering the facility and testing has demonstrated the shelter to be an ideal work environment near potential explosions and blasting. The blast resistant air shelter is commonly used as a lunch area, safety meeting area, warehouse, tool shop or storage center. With the shelter in place, a site can maintain a safe work environment, improve craft productivity and realize project cost savings.

With Ameco's blast resistant air shelters, sites that include potential explosions or blasting experience a number of benefits:

  • Enhanced labor productivity — Shelters can be positioned very close to the work site, reducing craft travel time to and from the work area and increasing project savings.
  • Enhanced craft retention — Shelters create a comfortable, friendly work environment with aesthetic designs and natural lighting.
  • Versatility — Structures do not require a perfect surface, and are available in a variety of floor plans to meet available spacing or to change between applications.
  • Efficiency and mobility — Minimal power requirements (less than 6 amps) and optimized insulation keep the shelters efficient and economical. Installation and storage can be easily accomplished within a few hours by 4-6 craft workers.
  • Dependability — Structures perform well in inclement weather and include structural redundancy and air-tight columns to provide durability for 5-10 years.
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