Cutsforth's EASYchange removable brush holder combats ring damage

Cutsforth unveils the EASYchange removable brush holder, developed to improve conditions for maintenance personnel and combat ring damage, including excessive ring wear, rings going out of round and photographing. Besides reducing the chance of a forced outage caused by rings going out of round or photographing, the EASYchange system can extend the life of the ring, reducing related scheduled outage time. With the EASYchange Brush Holder System, brush holders can be maintained while the generator is producing power.

To make changing brushes easier, the EASYchange Removable Brush Holder System was designed with an insulated, ergonomic handle to "rack out" and remove the holder. As the handle is pulled and rotated to its retracted position, the terminal is disconnected from the fixed mount while remaining attached to the removable holder. The brush is retained in the brush box by a catch that is released only when the holder is positioned in a mount or in the changing station. This allows for hands-free control of the brush and brush shunt. Personnel's exposure to heat and fatigue is reduced because of the quickness and ease of removing the holder.

The EASYchange removable brush holder system has dealt with the three main contributors to rings going out of round, photographing or wearing excessively:

Brush box obstructions and/or restrictions

  • Carbon deposits — These small amounts of material adhere to the inside of the brush box and hinder free movement of the brush. This keeps the brush from making good contact with the ring, which will electrically erode the ring's surface. Because it is removable, the EASYchange brush holder can be inspected and cleaned at any time. 
  • Brush box erosion — Current passing between the brush and the brush holder can electrically erode the brush box, resulting in a very rough surface that can restrict brush movement. The EASYchange holder is insulated so current only passes through the brush shunt and terminal, eliminating this possibility.
  • Brush binding — Some brush boxes are shorter than the brush they hold. This can cause binding as the newer constant force springs exert side pressure and downward pressure on the brush. This binding scenario can even cause a ledge to be formed in the brush that will eventually stop the brush from moving. The EASYchange holder has a box that is the same height as the brush, eliminating the possibility of binding.

Poor springs

  • Worn springs — Brush springs will eventually lose some of their tension, leading to excessive brush and ring wear. The EASYchange holder is designed with a QUICKchange spring that comes with every brush. This assures continual proper spring tension without increasing the cost over properly maintained spring clip style springs.
  • Damaged and broken springs — The EASYchange holder is designed to prevent the springs from breaking. If a spring is damaged, a new one comes with every brush and is easily changed.

Poor terminal connections

  • Worn or fatigued quick disconnect connections — Common quick disconnects have the spring portion of the quick disconnect, which supplies the contact pressure, permanently mounted. This pressure can be lost over time, resulting in poor terminal connections. The EASYchange holder incorporates a brush terminal that functions as the contact pressure member and, every time a brush is changed, the contact pressure spring portion is refreshed.

The EASYchange holder is very compact and can be adapted to fit virtually any unit. The mounts are permanently positioned relative to the ring surface, meaning that any brush box can be placed in any mount while maintaining the correct clearance from the ring surface. Brush sizes and types can be reduced to simplify inventory and ordering because of the EASYchange holder's adaptability. 

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