Solatube's 750 DS redefines daylighting while conserving energy

Solatube International Inc. introduces the Solatube 750 DS Daylighting System (about 21 inches long and 530 millimeters in diameter). This technologically advanced, energy-efficient product provides enhanced performance that extends the hours of daylighting available for interior spaces.

The Solatube 750 DS Daylighting System redefines daylighting in a number of ways, including:

Redefining daylight harvesting: The new dome delivers an Effective Daylight Capture Surface of up to 750 square inches, which is more than double that of a clear dome of the same diameter. Coupled with an insulating inner dome, the Solatube 750 DS delivers consistent illumination, visual comfort and thermal performance while upholding the highest energy-efficiency standards, throughout the year.

Visual comfort: When the sun is directly overhead, the Solatube 750 DS reduces visual discomfort associated with traditional top-lighting strategies. By tempering glints and mixing light in the shaft, the product ensures a bright, consistent and comfortable level of daylighting.

Low-angle daylight harvesting: Many daylighting products produce limited to no light in the winter and too much light in the summer. The Solatube 750 DS dome includes Raybender 3000 Technology, which captures more low-angle sunlight during the winter and lengthens the day during spring and fall by collecting early-morning and late-afternoon sunlight.

High-intensity sunlight rejection: For the overpowering midday sun, especially in the summer months, the Solatube 750 DS eliminates intense glare and hotspots. Raybender 3000 Technology also reduces the solar heat gain coefficient, which significantly improves energy efficiency because it does not strain the HVAC system during the peak hours of the day. By installing this dome, buildings can obtain the highest solar heat gain to visual transmission ratio of all daylighting products (including every window and skylight) currently available.

Redefining design possibilities: All Solatube 750 DS Daylighting Systems use spectralight infinity tubing, making it possible to daylight any size room, hallway or corridor. The product can even be used to daylight lower levels in multistory buildings

Enhanced energy performance: Spectralight Infinity Tubing now features Cool Tube, a patented process that allows the tubing to absorb heat and emit it through the tube's exterior walls.

Extended tube lengths: With the highest spectral reflectivity on the market today at 99.7%, the Solatube Daylighting System tubing can be installed with up to 50-foot runs without losing daylight effectiveness.

Zero-to-90-degree flexibility: The Solatube 750 DS delivers clean, even daylight to naturally illuminate any space, even when the tubes are angled up to 90 degrees to navigate around attic and/or plenum obstructions and into hard-to-reach locations.

Redefining illumination: Popular applications to daylight include schools and libraries; retail stores; restaurants; hotels; office buildings; industrial properties (warehouses and manufacturing); and health care and institutional facilities. Nearly every space can achieve natural illumination with the Solatube 750 DS.
Daylight control: For applications where lighting is not necessary 100% of the time, the Daylight Dimmer allows occupants to easily control the amount of light in the room anywhere between 100% down to approximately two percent with the convenience of an electric wall-mounted switch. Solatube International also recently developed the Zero-to-10-Volt Daylight Dimmer option, providing scene level control and time-clock based operation.

Aesthetic appeal: The open ceiling Solatube Daylighting Systems' diffusers have an attractive new dress ring and designer look, providing a stylish design element for any room.

Color Rendition: Unlike some daylighting products that produce a strange dull, blue/green light, Spectralight Infinity Tubing only reflects the visible spectrum to deliver the purest color rendition possible. Colors within a room will remain vivid and accurate with the Solatube 750 DS.

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