Armstrong's Eco*Pak Mbs uses less energy than traditional boiler systems

Armstrong introduces the Eco*Pak Mbs, which eliminates delays, site errors and risks associated with field-assembled condensing boiler plants. It also consumes significantly less energy than traditional boiler system configurations and is an all-variable system, which makes it ultra-efficient. The system uses up to 45% less energy than traditional standard efficiency boilers. The Eco*Pak Mbs is Energy Star compliant and delivers average annual fuel efficiency ratings (AFUE) of better than 93%. In low-temperature radiant applications, the MBS can achieve over 98% efficiency, which exceeds Energy Star, ASHRAE 90.1 and California Title 24 standards. The Eco*Pak Mbs is a factory-built modular boiler plant that is easy to install. Because of its modular design, the system modules can easily fit through tight or narrow spaces, including standard doorways. The modules can be connected for operation in just a few hours, by one person, using standard tools. The Eco*Pak Mbs saves on energy consumption, thereby reducing the user’s carbon footprint. The variable-speed operation reduces wear on system components, which reduces maintenance and repair costs.


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