Lowell 511X wrench kit extends workers' reach

The 511X wrench kit from Lowell Corp. extends workers' reach, giving them greater freedom and leverage in tight spots, while reducing the risk of injuries. The Lowell 511X kit comprises Lowell’s model 51QR ratchet handle and five deep well sockets. All components are packaged in a molded plastic case. Each socket is 3 1/2 inches long, giving workers an extended reach so that the wrench handle can clear obtacles, such as housing. The extra clearance not only reduces the risk of injury, but also gives workers a wider swing. The wrench handle incorporates Lowell’s bolt-thru design, which allows bolts to pass entirely through the arm head so that nuts can be secured on any threaded length. The sockets are made of machined steel and the handle is made of cast iron, and all ratchet parts are fully enclosed. The sockets can be easily changed due to a quick-release feature and are held in the handle with a sure-locking dead bolt. There are five hexagonal sockets in the 511X kit: 7/8 inch, 15/16 inch, 1 1/16 inch, 1 1/8 inch and 1 1/4 inch. The sockets and handle in Lowell’s 511X  kit are guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from date of delivery.

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