Cooper InVision wireless technology leasing program offers immediate downtime reduction payback

Cooper Bussmann has introduced innovative and convenient new leasing options for its award-winning Cooper InVision circuit-protection wireless monitoring system. The new leasing program allows for immediate implementation of the Cooper InVision System and immediate payback results. Start with a pilot system and expand to facility-wide. Plus, the convenience of a leasing plan allows for easy upgrading as new technology is developed.

Downtime is a costly problem for all industries. The Cooper InVision System is a revolutionary wireless technology for industrial and commercial applications that can reduce downtime and increase productivity by quickly identifying open-circuit events caused by short circuits and overloads. 

The Cooper InVision system helps shrink downtime by automatically notifying maintenance of the open circuit’s exact location, the correct replacement circuit protection device to bring, and the appropriate level of personal protective equipment (PPE) to bring, saving valuable time and money.
Utilizing reliable wireless mesh technology, the Cooper InVision Downtime Reduction System can:

  • Retrofit onto existing equipment
  • Optimize maintenance and engineering resources
  • Provide secured data control and access from anywhere
  • Identify critical issues with trending reports and analysis


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